AG2R‎ La Mondiale is the French leader in social protection, offering a complete range of products and services related to retirement, pensions, savings, health and life insurance. 

‎Its network covers all the territories of France and is available to individuals, as well as  companies, corporations and even professional branches.

AG2R‎ La Mondiale‎ offers a unique model in social protection as it balances performance and solidarity.

Every year the Group dedicates close to a 100 million euros to help people in need and to promote individual and collective initiatives.

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Contact : Joel BIENASSIS – +33176608532 –

The National Collective Convention for International trade, Import and Export (CCNIE #3100) sets out the labor rules applicable to employers such as Trading Houses and Companies, Brokers and Selling and Buying Agents and their employees on the territory of France. ‎We remain at your disposal to inform and advise your HR representative on any question or matter you may have relating to labor law in general and the CCNIE in particular.