Staffed by international trade experts SNCI members are key partners in the success of your global ventures. Indeed you need a reliable associate whenever you enter an unknown business area. At all times we are here to :

Defend your best interest

You can rely on us because we work with your best interest in mind and at heart. Accepting any remuneration from the vendors would be a breach to our contract. We defend your interests, not the vendors.

Identify relevant merchandise

We help you identify the merchandise you need through constant market research and by a relevant pre-selection of new products.

Differentiate yourself from competition

We help you differentiate from your competitors through the negotiation of exclusivities.

Maximise your buying trips

We maximize your buying trips by planning them at the right time and we make sure that you do not lose any time and that you concentrate only on what you have to do.

Provide quality market assistance

We provide you with quality market assistance so that we can help train your new buyers and assist them to do their job right without you having to worry about it.

Select reliable vendors

We introduce you only to reliable vendors that will ship on time exactly what you have ordered.

Negotiate best prices

Our market standing allows you to benefit from the best prices and financial conditions from the vendors.

Follow up on your orders

We follow up on your orders to ensure timely delivery of the ordered goods.

Enforce your shipping instructions

We enforce your labeling and packing regulations so that when merchandise reaches your DC it can be smoothly shipped out to your stores.

Perform inspections

We can inspect the goods before shipment at your request.

Issue reliable export documentation

We check documentation and can adapt to the particular requirements of your Customs Authorities.

Consolidate merchandise to save on freight

Working in coordination with your designated forwarder you benefit from consolidated shipments at the best possible freight rates.